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  • Denbigh Library, LL16 3NU

Sketching ancient Denbigh

Mae Dinbych yn dref hanesyddol a chanddi gasgliad anhygoel o adeiladau a godwyd yn ystod y chwe chan mlynedd diwethaf. Adeiladwyd yr hynaf yng nghyfnod y Tuduriaid, yn ystod y 1500au, pan ddaeth masnach a busnes i weddnewid yr ardal a’i throi’n un o drefi marchnad pwysicaf Cymru.

Nid oes yn rhaid i chi fod yn arlunydd gwych i fwynhau’r gweithgaredd hwn. Yr hyn sy’n bwysig yw cymryd eich amser i edrych a sylwi er mwyn dal manylion yr adeiladau canoloesol hyn.


Just in case you lose signal on your phone we recommend you download a PDF of this activity before you set off. Alternatively if your mobile phone can receive emails click above and we will send you a PDF.

How to get there

LL16 3NU
Public Transport Information: 
I gael gwybodaeth am gludiant cyhoeddus, ffoniwch Traveline Cymru ar 0871 200 2233 neu Ymholiadau Rheilffyrdd Cenedlaethol ar 08457 48 49 50.
Location Description: 
This adventure starts outside the library on the High Street in Denbigh town centre. If you’re arriving by car, head for Vale Street car park. High Street turns into Vale Street at the library so go past the library, down the hill for about 30m, and the car park will be on your right. This is a pay and display car park but there are limited spaces, so you may need to go a little further down the hill where more parking is available.
Activity Starting Point: 
Start by standing outside the library – if your back is to the main library entrance, you’re ready to go.

What you will need

Pencils and paper - a hard-back sketchbook or drawing paper and a clip board to lean on is a good idea. You may be able to get what you need from the local shops. A camera or phone camera would also be a good idea (to take reference photos).

Useful information

How long will the activity take? : 
You can take as long as you like for this activity; you may want to try sketching in situ, or take some photos and complete your work at home. If you choose to do the latter, an hour should be all you need to get round all the locations and take some reference shots.
Top Tips: 
Take a photograph of what you’re sketching so you’ve got something to refer to if you need to finish your drawing at home. You could also use your phone or a camera to zoom in and capture the fine details on a building, which may make it easier to sketch. Take a moment to look at the architectural features of the building. Try and identify all the main 3D-shaped blocks that make up the building – cubes, rectangular prisms, domes etc. Roughly sketch these 3D blocks to create a solid architectural structure, and then add light vertical and horizontal lines to create a grid. Use coloured pencils, paints or pastels to add highlights and shading which helps to create a sense of 3D feel.
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